Where to Find Legal News

Posted by Roger on August 24, 2015
Legal News

Even if you aren’t a lawyer, it is always good to keep abreast of the laws that have an impact on your daily life. Here are some useful websites that keep you informed of any significant changes in legislation in the country as well as the continent.

The European Law Monitor

As stated on their website, the European Law Monitor is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide citizens and organisations with information on the European Union. There are regular updates on EU legislation and they also offer advice.

The European Labour Law Network

This website specialises in labour law. Here you can find updates on national court rulings and read analyses on the implication of ECJ rulings. You will also be kept abreast of legislative developments specific to labour.

The Global Legal Post

As the name implies this website is a bit more globally oriented. Here you will find legal news not just in Europe but Africa, Asia and the Americas. There are news pieces on different sectors such as banking and intellectual property.

Where to find services:

GTG Advocates

This law firm (which is based in Malta) offers a variety of legal services for its clients. They cater towards conventional as well as emerging industries. As their website states they are best known for their “strong transactional and corporate practice.” Their legal practice spans a variety of areas, so they should be able to provide the particular service you are looking for. Some of them include labour, commercial and corporate. However there are many more.