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Starting a Law Firm in the EU

Posted by Roger on June 26, 2016
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After graduating from law school, you may have toyed with the idea of starting a law firm but never thought more of it. Now the time has come, and the vision of running your own practice is not only sensible but possible as well. So, how do you start a legal practice in Malta? Having the right information will make it less daunting to proceed with your plans. There are rules that different businesses must adhere to in different regions. One thing to know is that Malta’s legislation regarding business formation is EU compliant.

Law Firm

Practice Areas

The legal sector is a broad one, and there are very many practice areas to consider. When thinking about starting a law firm, first know the type of services you will be providing. A lot of factors will determine this. If the company is a breakaway from another entity, then it may have the necessary resources to cover multiple practice areas. Large firms such as GTG Advocates provide services in shipping, taxation, commercial, corporate, and financial services just to mention a few. The size of the firm will dictate how extensive the practice areas will be.


paragrafAuthorisation is one of the first requirements to consider when starting a law practice in the EU. The authorisation requirements will depend on the agency in charge in a particular region. You can set up an office and lay down the basics such as the IT services, human resources, and marketing. However, you must wait for authorisation to start delivering services. Find out the process of recognition to attain licensing. Learn how long it will take so as to prepare adequately.

Business Plan

Having a business plan is another vital element. The legal field can be brutal, and muddling through without a plan can cost to money wastage. Licensing authorities also consider the type of business plan in place when recognising a new practice. A plan should consist of aspects like funding, financial forecast, marketing strategy, target market, and recruitment among others.


Another regulatory requirement when starting a law firm in the EU is to have indemnity insurance. A law firm must have protection before it can start serving clients. Conduct research and find out the best insurance options for a new practice. Educate yourself on the minimum compulsory insurance requirements.

Where to Find Legal News

Posted by Roger on August 24, 2015
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Even if you aren’t a lawyer, it is always good to keep abreast of the laws that have an impact on your daily life. Here are some useful websites that keep you informed of any significant changes in legislation in the country as well as the continent.

The European Law Monitor

As stated on their website, the European Law Monitor is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide citizens and organisations with information on the European Union. There are regular updates on EU legislation and they also offer advice.

The European Labour Law Network

This website specialises in labour law. Here you can find updates on national court rulings and read analyses on the implication of ECJ rulings. You will also be kept abreast of legislative developments specific to labour.

The Global Legal Post

As the name implies this website is a bit more globally oriented. Here you will find legal news not just in Europe but Africa, Asia and the Americas. There are news pieces on different sectors such as banking and intellectual property.

Where to find services:

GTG Advocates

This law firm (which is based in Malta) offers a variety of legal services for its clients. They cater towards conventional as well as emerging industries. As their website states they are best known for their “strong transactional and corporate practice.” Their legal practice spans a variety of areas, so they should be able to provide the particular service you are looking for. Some of them include labour, commercial and corporate. However there are many more.

What is business law?

Posted by Roger on August 18, 2015
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Business law covers commerce and transactions, including the supply of services and the sale of products. A constantly evolving business environment means that business law continuously changes, as countries and jurisdictions legislate to address new technologies and ways of trading.

Early contract law

Centuries ago, common law established basic rights and was followed by the law of tort. Later, contract case law formed legal precedents, one well-known example being the law of offer and acceptance as detailed in the judgement of the case of Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company (1892).

The Sale of Goods Act followed in the late twentieth century and other modern consumer protection legislation has been introduced since, sometimes to protect borrowers or lenders. In many cases, more complex Acts of Parliament or regulations have placed legal requirements on larger corporations.

Costs and benefits

Some business experts consider that small businesses are over burdened by too many legal requirements, which they often see as time-consuming ‘red tape’. There is also a financial cost in keeping up with changing legislation – and possible fines for non-compliance, even if unintentional. Nonetheless, business law also serves to protect companies, traders and the owners’ interests from being adversely affected by illegal actions of customers, suppliers or competitors. Some of these regulations are designed to prevent the public and employees – including health and safety.

Protecting businesses and individuals

Other areas covered by business law include employment, insurance requirements, anti-discrimination legislation and intellectual property (IP) rights, which cover design and trademark copyright. Data Protection law also covers information or data retained about employees, customers or suppliers.

Different Legal Fields

Posted by Roger on August 03, 2015
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The field of law is diverse and rewarding. Although obtaining such a position could require a great deal of work, the truth of the matter is that the end result is well worth the effort. Another great attribute in regards to the law industry is that there are a number of positions to choose from. A handful of the most popular include family law, collections, criminal law, human rights and personal injury solicitors. Let us take a look at a few of these in more detail to appreciate what each offers.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is an extremely lucrative sector. Arising from the fact that traffic accidents and on-the-job injuries will always occur, a solicitor can expect to enjoy a great deal of work. Another advantage of this field is that the rewards for a victorious case can prove to be quite lucrative. Although colloquially termed “ambulance chasers”, it is still a fact that these professionals require a great deal of training and legal acumen to be successful in their role.

Criminal Solicitors

Criminal law is perhaps the most well-known legal sector. Whether practising as a prosecuting attorney or a defence lawyer, some cases can grip the attention of the entire nation. Therefore, some criminal solicitors have become famous in their own right. As before, a great deal of knowledge and prerequisite experience are both required.

Human Rights

Human rights is a growing concern throughout the United Kingdom. Not only can a human rights lawyer help out those in need, but the job itself is very rewarding from an emotional point of view. Human rights attorneys will also tend to travel quite a bit; ideal for those who wish to see different parts of the world.

These are only three of the countless different legal fields in existence. Choosing a career in such areas can very well lead to a lifetime of success and happiness.